We caught up with Mr Ali Zafarani, a thumb replacement patient from London, following his recent successful surgery, to see how his life has been improved by having the operation.
I had the pleasure of speaking to one of our thumb replacement patients this morning. Chrisie, from Bristol has a lovely, familiar west-country accent that is as naturally recognisable as her obvious zest for life and positive personality.

Touch® CMCJ Pinch & Grip

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From the moment I met Mr Hacker I felt that I was in the best care. He explained everything about the problem I had with my hand and made arrangements for me to try and get some pain relief until he was able to operate. Mr Hacker explained fully about the operation to replace the joint in my thumb. On the morning of my operation I was very nervous but Mr Hacker showed me so much kindness I felt at ease. I was in and out of hospital within hours and felt very looked after. I immediately felt that the extreme pain I was in had gone. Although there was some discomfort there was no pain.

7 weeks down the line I have full movement in my thumb with no pain. I no longer take any pain relief and my children say that the operation has changed my life. I think that Mr Hacker is an amazing person dedicated to his profession.

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BMI The Saxon Clinic
Through years of experience in rehabilitation of patients undergoing 1st CMCJ Thumb joint replacement, the new 'Touch®' is showing very good early results with patients reporting reduced pain levels and return to function.
Hand Therapist

It’s fair to say I was very sceptical about using any thumb replacement prosthesis, given historically poor results. When I educated myself as to the benefits of modern-generation implants at the Touch® surgical-visitation course, I was delighted to see how far they had improved, as my patients certainly want the option of a thumb replacement instead of trapeziectomy.

I have some patients who had a trapeziectomy on one hand (a few years ago), only to return for a thumb replacement on the other, now that I offer this attractive surgical option. They are so much happier with a strong, functional thumb replacement and the early results have changed my mindset and invigorated my practice.

Elliot Sorene
Hand Surgeon, London

I love offering my patients a CMCJ replacement because I know how quickly it will relieve their pain and allow them to live a normal life.

A trapeziectomy is a good option for lower demand patients, but a CMCJ replacement with the Touch® dual-mobility prosthesis gives my younger, more active patients, their life back. This is very important to me as I want my patients to be satisfied and happy with their surgery.

Patients who have had a Touch® CMCJ can expect a quick return to work, to play, to what they love to do. Unlike a trapeziectomy, which eventually relieves pain but with limited function, a CMCJ replacement gives pain relief and function together. Pinch and grip strength is restored, and patients can return to a normal way of life very quickly. When the prosthesis eventually has to be removed, a trapeziectomy can still be performed.

Raj Bhatia
Hand Surgeon, Bristol
The early results of this implant certainly live up to those the implant designers suggest are possible.
Alistair Jepson
Upper Limb Surgeon, Northampton