Clinical Papers

Thumb Replacement vs Trapeziectomy
Early Follow-Up Study of Thumb Replacement
The Touch® for the Treatment of Basal Thumb Arthritis
Stability of Thumb Replacement vs Trapeziectomy


CMCJ Replacement - Do you love it?
This patient “absolutely loves” her Touch® CMCJ Thumb Replacement! Full movement and no pain just weeks after surgery.
Touch® CMCJ Pinch & Grip Video
This patient from Perpignan, France, demonstrates excellent function following Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement surgery. The grip and pinch strength is particularly impressive!
Touch® CMCJ
Knitting Video
Get back to what you love! This Spanish patient demonstrates dexterity and skill following Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement surgery!
Touch® CMCJ
Piano Video

This is great! Check out this Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement patient tinkling the ivories, just a couple of weeks after surgery! Courtesy of Dr Daniel Herren.

Touch® CMCJ
Hairdresser Video

This hairdresser from Madrid got back to what she loves doing – cutting hair in her salon. Look at the finesse and speed with which she moves, just weeks after Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement surgery. Courtesy of Dr Damian Gomez.

Touch® CMCJ
Picking Up Video
The day after surgery, this Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement patient is able to grip and pick up a bottle with ease, without pain.
Playing golf with a Touch® CMCJ Thumb Replacement

This golf instructor shows off his swing, his function and his tiny scar following successful Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement surgery. Fore! Courtesy of Dr Matthias Winter.

It's a
"Medical Marvel!"
This 46 year old, right-handed lady is a manager in a sports centre. 7-weeks after a Touch® CMCJ thumb replacement performed by Alistair Jepson in Northampton and she is back at work with a delightful manicure too!